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  • Volo Farm 1/5/14

    Samantha Terry & Remeber This
    1st Jr. Equitation Flat, 2nd Jr. Equitation fences, 2nd MHJ Jr. Medal, 4th NEHC Jr. Medal
    Kacie Babbit & Touchdown
    4th NHJ Chikdrens's horse flat, 2nd MHJ Mini Medal, 1st and qulaified MHC Mini Medal

    Alivia Kilroy & Freda:
          2nd MHJ Children's Horse fences, 4th MHJ Mini Medal
    Ciara Goellner & Quartermaster:
          Cross-rail Champion!
    1st Cross-rail Equtation Flat A and B, 2nd Cross-rail Equitation Fences A, 1st Cross-rail Equiation Fences B
    Sofia Dixon and Laugh Out Loud:
          Cross-rail Reserve Champion! 2nd Cross-rail Equtation Flat A and B, 1st Cross-rail Equitation Fences A, 2nd Cross-rail Equitation Fences B                                                                Carleigh Babbit and Junior High:
    2nd Walk-trot Equtationm 3rd Walk-trot poles, 5th Walk-trot Pleasure



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January 5 Volo

March 8 Saddle Rowe

April 5-6 Fieldstone "A"

April 12 Saddle Rowe

April 27 Grazing Fields

May 4 Grazing Fields

May 10 Saddle Rowe

May 14-18  Fieldstone Spring Festival

May 24-25 Norfolk Hunt

June 1 Grazing Fields

June 8 Grazing Fields

June 17 Fieldstone Eq Show

June 18-22 Plymouth Rock

June 29 Saddle Rowe

July 19 Saddle Rowe

July 20 Grazing Fields Medal day

July 23-27 HITS Week V

August 2 Saddle Rowe

August 12 Fieldstone Eq Show

August 19-23 Fieldstone Summer Showcase II

August 24 MHJ Finals

September 13 Saddle Rowe

October 4 Saddle Rowe

November 8 Saddle Rowe




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