IEA Show Results

  • October 25 @ Furnace Brook

    High School Team - Champions!
    Jess L - 3rd Open Flat
    Lauren V - WON Intermediate Fences; 3rd Intermediate Flat
    Addie- 3rd Intermediate Fences
    Caleigh - 2nd Novice Fences; 2nd Intermediate Flat
    Jess H - WON Novice Flat
    Eliza - WON Beg W/T; WON Beg WTC

    Middle School Team - Reserve Champions!
    Ciara - 2nd Future Novice Flat
    Sofia - 3rd Future Beginner W/T
    Gwen - 2nd Future Beginner W/T; 2nd Future Beginner WTC
    Sammy M - WON Future Beginner WTC
    Sarah H - 3rd Future Beginner WTC



  • October 11 @ Century Mill

    High School Team - Reserve Champions!
    Jess L - WON Open Fences; WON Open Flat
    Sam T - 3rd Open Flat
    Lauren V - WON Intermediate Fences; 3rd Intermediate Flat
    Michela - 2nd Intermediate Fences
    Kacie - 2nd Intermediate Flat
    Addie - 3rd Intermediate Flat
    Caleigh - WON Novice Fences; 2nd Intermediate Flat
    Jess H - 2nd Novice Fences; 3rd Novice Flat
    Melissa - WON Novice Flat; 2nd Novice Fences
    Rachel - WON Beg W/T; 2nd Beg WTC
    Caroline - 2nd Beg W/T


    Middle School Team - Reserve Champions!
    Carli - 3rd Future Intermediate Fences; 3rd Future Intermediate Flat
    Ciara - WON Future Novice Flat; 2nd Future Novice Fences
    Abby - 2nd Future Novice Fences
    Sofia - WON Future Beginner W/T; WON Future Beginner WTC
    Gwen - 2nd Future Beginner W/T; 2nd Future Beginner WTC
    Kelly - 3rd Future Beginner W/T
    Sammy M - 3rd Future Beginner WTC
    Abby D - 2nd Future Beginner WTC




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Bolton, MA 01740

Century Mill Equestrian Team 2014-2015

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2014-2015 Schedule

October 11  Century Mill @ Century Mill Stables, Bolton, MA

October 25 Furnace Brooke @ Furnace Brooke, New Ipswich, NH

November 1  Wacusett @ Holiday Acres Equestrian Center, Rutland, MA

November 15  Century Mill @ Century Mill Stables, Bolton, MA

December 6 Wachusett  @  Holiday Acres, Rutland, MA

Regional Finals @ TBD

Zone Finals @ TBD

National Finals @ TBD



2014-2015 Team Roster

Upper School Team Middle School Team
Jess Lifschultz - Captain Carli Tesini - Captain
Michela Farina- Co-Captain Ciara Goellner- Co-Captain
Sam Terry Sammy Murphy
Katheryn Glauner Katie Sandler
Adeline Luperchio Abby Barnes
Brooke Molloy Sofia Dixon
Caleigh Logan Kelly Fleming
Lauren McKenna Gwen Field
Lauren Von Stetton Sarah Hillman
Kacie Babbit  Abby Delorey
Jess Huibregtse  
Noah Brush  
Melissa Kay  
Caroline Clemson  
Rachel Clemson  


General Information

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association is a nationally recognized organization with Junior and High school students competing during the scholastic year.  IEA has over 5,000 student-riders on hundreds of teams across North America. Over $15000 in scholarships were awarded at the 2012 National finals.

Century Mill Stables Interscholastic Equestrian Team provides riders in grades 6-12 the opportunity to demonstrate their horsemanship skills as part of a team. Participants are not required to have their own horses or tack. The host farm provides horses for the competition.

Coaching for the shows will be done on the lesson horses provided by Century Mill Stables and the horses used for the shows are provided by the hosting farm. This allows students that do not have a horse and the required equipment to participate and also makes competition fair in that everyone rides a horse that they are not familiar with and are judged on the rider’s ability, not the horse. The competitions involve numerous flat equitation classes up to classes jumping over fences no greater than three feet. Riders can compete both on the flat and over fences.

The IEA is an affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation, the United States Hunter Jumper Association, and the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Interested in joining? Contact Coach Liz at 978-779-2934 or